All that was visible was blood

as cries filled the air

 W e l c o m e

Welcome to the Realm. As you enter, there are many who will try to lead you along.

They will lure you with words or riches and treasure beyond. But know now, there

are no treasures here other than the land. And... Maybe the people within it.

Creatures of from vast lands, species of numerous quantities, many who will come to meet

and form bonds, relationships, or just odd friendships. Sometimes they may form rivalries,

hateful opposites that just don't mix well. But either way, this is a shared realm of the many

and is to be respected by all. If you choose not to, you may walk away. But if you abide

under easy command, you may stay to meet those who come along. 










We  are not responsible for any effect the site may have on your real life. Please adhere to the rules and do not bring real life issues into play unless you are chatting. 






1. Absolutely, by no means, no god modding.

2. You may be hunted, so it is best you not run from a fight. They have allowance to follow you around the site.

3. Never claim ownership over anything created by the site.

4. Unless your roleplay has something to do with an ability or way to shift scenes, there shouldn't be random things.

Ex: Roller coaster in the Mountains.

5. Enjoy!




Reinia Coltivare


Main Owner